Before you book

Before you book

Article 1 (Purpose)
These Terms and Conditions are for the purpose of establishing the detailed implementation and compliance with the Korina Tour and the travel contract signed by the traveler.

Article 2 (Travel Agent and Traveler Obligations)
1. The travel agency shall provide the number of travel plans, including travel arrangements and guides, transportation, and accommodations, in order to provide travelers with safe and satisfactory travel services. You must faithfully carry out your duties in the process of laying and executing.
2. Travelers should cooperate with each other in order to ensure a safe and pleasant trip and to maintain the travel order of tour operators.

Article 3 (Definition of terms)
The types and definition of travel, and the definition of foreign travel agency business are as follows :
1. Planned Trip: A trip to the travel agent by pre-arranged travel destination and sightseeing schedule, transportation and accommodation service to be provided to the traveler (hereinafter referred to as "travel service"),
2. Hope Travel: Rencana perjalanan yang mengatur dan merencanakan keseluruhan rencana perjalanan, seperti transportasi, akomodasi, dan pariwisata, berdasarkan kondisi perjalanan yang diinginkan oleh pelancong (individu atau kelompok).
3. Overseas Travel Procedures (here in after referred to as "Large Contracts"): A travel agent undertakes to accept a prescribed procedure fee from a traveler and to perform the following tasks (hereinafter referred to as "proxy services") on behalf of a traveler:
1) Procedures for obtaining passport, visa, re-entry permit and various certificates
2) Prepare immigration documents and other related services.

Article 4 (Composition of Contract)
1. Travel contracts include the contract (s) of the travel contract (s), the terms of travel and the itinerary (or travel manual).
2. The itinerary (or travel guide) should include travel dates and travel details, transportation, accommodation, meals, travel arrangements, travel agent services and traveler's notes.

Article 5 (Convention)
1. Travel agents and travelers may make special agreements in writing without prejudice to the relevant laws and regulations. In this case, the travel agent must explain the difference from the standard terms to the traveler.

Article 6 (Issuance of Contract and Terms)
1. If a travel agent concludes a travel contract with a traveler, he / she must issue a contract, a travel contract, and a travel itinerary (or a travel guide) to the traveler.

Article 7 (Consideration of grant such as contract and terms)
Travel agents and travelers are deemed to have issued travel contracts, travel conditions and travel itineraries (or travel guides) for the following cases:
1. If the traveler agrees to the contents of the travel contract, the terms and the travel itinerary (or the travel guide) provided on the electronic information network such as the Internet and applies for the conclusion of the travel contract, the travel agent shall notify the traveler by electronic information network or mechanical device Notification by doctor
2. The travel agent has agreed with the traveler and sent a written application for the conclusion of the travel contract to the travel contract, terms and travel schedule (or travel guide) provided by the travel agent using mechanical devices such as facsimile, If you are notified of the consent of the traveler

Article 8 (Responsibility of Tour Operator)
1. The travel agent shall, from the time of departure to the time of arrival, inform the traveler of the travel agent or his / her employer, local travel agent or his / her employer
(hereinafter referred to as "user") in connection with the travel agent duty prescribed in Article 2 Liability for damage caused by negligence or negligence.

Article 9 (Cancellation of contract when the minimum number of participants is not met)
1. If the travel agent cancels the travel contract because the minimum number of participants is not met, the traveler must notify the traveler until 7 days before departure.
2. If the travel agent has canceled the contract without giving notice within the preceding paragraph due to the number of travel participants, the amount of one of the following items must be paid to the traveler in addition to the refund of the down payment already received.
end. 1 day prior to departure: 20%
I. On the day of travel departure: 50%

Article 10 (Rejection of Contract)
A travel agent may refuse to conclude a contract with a traveler if the traveler has any of the following reasons:
1. When it is acknowledged that it hurts other travelers or has a detrimental effect on smooth travel
2. When it is recognized that travel is difficult due to illness or other reasons
3. When the maximum number of participants specified in the contract is exceeded

Article 11 (Travel Charges)
Travel Charges in Travel Contracts include the following: However, Hope Travel is subject to agreement between the parties.
1. Fares for transportation facilities such as airplanes, ships, railways, etc. (Regular freight basis)
2. Pick-up bus fare between airport, station, pier and hotel
3. Accommodation and meals
4. Guide costs
5. Taxes required during travel
6. Domestic and international airport, port tax
7. Tourism Promotion Development Fund
8. Ticket admission fee
9. Costs incurred by other individual contracts
The traveler must pay the tour operator a down payment (200,000 won / person) at the time of signing the contract,
and the down payment shall be treated as all or part of the tour fee or non-free tour amount. The traveler shall pay the remaining amount of the travel charge of Paragraph 1,
excluding the down payment, to the travel agent at least 7 days prior to departure. The traveler shall pay the travel charge specified in Paragraph (1)
in the manner specified by the travel agent (giro account, bank transfer, etc.).

Article 12 (Change of Travel Charges)
1. In the case of overseas travel, if the fare to be paid to the transportation or accommodation institution is more than 5% higher than when the contract is concluded, or the foreign currency exchange rate applied to the travel fee is 2% more than when the contract is concluded, You can charge the other party for the increase or decrease of the travel charge within the range of the amount.
2. If the travel agent has increased the travel charge in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 1 above, he / she shall notify the traveler 15 days before departure.

Article 13 (Settlement of requirements for changing travel conditions and charges)
1. The travel conditions of Articles 1 to 12 above may be changed only in case of 1 of the following items. 1. If both parties agree that it is inevitable due to the traveler's request or local circumstances for the safety and protection of the traveler
2. If the purpose of travel can not be achieved due to natural disasters, war crimes, government orders, transportation, strikes by lodging agencies,
3. If the change in the travel conditions of Article 11 (1) occurs due to the change of the travel conditions of Paragraph (1) and the change of the travel charge of Article 12, the change shall be made before departure before departure, within 10 days Each one must be settled (refunded).
4. If the travel conditions are changed without the provisions of Paragraph 1, or if the free tour amount is caused by the cancellation or termination of the contract under Article 14 or Article 15, The refunds must be made within 10 days after the end of travel.
5. If the traveler does not receive the services included in the travel fee, such as accommodation, meals, or sightseeing, after his / her departure, he / she shall not be entitled to claim the corresponding refund. However, if the trip ends in the middle of the day,

Article 14 (Non-free Tour)
1. If the travel agent damages the traveler due to intent or negligence of the local travel agent, the travel agent must compensate the traveler.
2. In the event that the travel arranger fails to obtain a passport, visa, re-entry permit or other certificate required for travel abroad due to the reason of the travel agent, the travel agent shall pay all the amount 100% compensation to the traveler.
3. Traveling entrepreneurs must compensate for damages incurred by travelers due to heavy traffic, traffic jam, etc. of airplanes, trains, and ships. However, this is not the case when the travel agency has proved that it is intentional or negligent.
4. Traveling entrepreneurs shall not be held liable for damages caused by the loss, damage or delay of the traveler's baggage unless he or his employer proves that he or she has failed to pay attention to the receipt, delivery or storage of the traveler's baggage .

Article 15 (Cancellation of contract before departure)
Travel agents or travelers may cancel this travel contract before departure. Damage incurred in this case shall be reimbursed in accordance with the Consumer Damage Compensation Regulations (Ministry of Finance and Economy Notice).
A travel agent or traveler may terminate this travel contract without giving the other party the amount of the free tour mentioned in Paragraph 1 if there is one of the following cases before departure:

1. If the travel agent can release it
For cases of Article 13 (1) 1 and 2
When it is recognized that there is a significant hindrance to the smooth execution of travel or to cause discomfort to other travelers
All. If you are unable to participate in a trip due to an abnormality in your body such as illness
If the traveler has not paid the travel fee by the date stated in the contract
2. If the traveler can release it
When there is reason for Article 13 (1) 1 and 2
If a relative within three months of a traveler dies
If you are unable to participate in a trip due to an abnormality in your body such as illness
If a spouse or a lineal guardian is admitted to a hospital (clinic) for more than three days due to physical anomalies and is unable to discharge until the departure of the trip, the spouse or guardian
If it is not possible to carry out the trip according to the travel schedule specified in the contract or travel itinerary (travel guide) for reasons attributable to the travel agent
If it is recognized that the continuation of the travel is difficult due to the increase of the travel charge pursuant to Article 12 (1)

Article 16 (Cancellation of contract after departure of travel)
1. A travel agent or traveler may terminate this travel agreement if there is unavoidable reason after departure. However, this should compensate the other party for damages.
2. If the contract is terminated pursuant to Paragraph (1), the travel agent shall cooperate with the matters necessary for the return of the traveler, and the traveler shall be responsible for the expenses incurred by him

Article 17 (Start and End of Travel)
The start of the trip is the completion of boarding procedures (boarding procedures in the case of ships) and the end of the trip is the time when the traveler leaves the bonded area. However, if there is any domestic movement in the contract, the departure time and arrival time of the transportation means used at the first departure place shall be used.

Article 18 (Obligation to explain)
The travel agent must explain the important contents of the contract and the changes so that the traveler can understand them.

Article 19 (Insurance, etc.)
Traveling entrepreneurs are required to sign up for insurance or deductibles or to deposit a business deposit to pay the traveler in the event of a loss to the traveler in connection with the travel.

Article 20 (Other Matters)
1. In the event of any disagreement with respect to any matter not expressly set forth in this Agreement or the interpretation of this Agreement, the Tour Operator or the Traveler will make an agreement and, if no agreement is reached, subject to the relevant laws and ordinances.
2. If there is a legitimate reason as a trip to a special area, it may be determined differently from the contents of this standard.
Consumer Damage Compensation Regulation (Ministry of Finance & Economy Notice 2000-21)
1) Damage caused by travel cancellation
a. If the travel agency cancels the travel agency's reason
- 20 days before the start of travel - 10% compensation
- 8 days before the start of travel - 20% compensation for travel expenses
- Notification by 1 day before the start of travel - 30% compensation for travel expenses
- On the day of departure - 50% of travel expenses
b. If the traveler has requested to cancel the travel contract
- 20 days before departure date - 10% compensation
- 10 days before departure date - 15% compensation for travel expenses
- 8 days before departure date - 20% of travel expenses
- One day advance notice of departure date - 30% compensation for travel expenses
- On the day of departure - 50% of travel expenses
c. If the travel contract is canceled by 7 days prior to the commencement of travel due to the number of participants not exceeding the number of participants,
Due date for travel contract cancellation due to underage travel
- 1 day advance notice - 20% compensation for travel expenses
- On the day of travel departure - 50% of travel expenses- 10 days before the start of travel - 15% compensation for travel expenses
2). Damage due to the violation of the terms of the travel agent (after the trip)
3). In the performance of the travel contract, if the traveler has suffered damage due to intention or negligence of the travel agent –